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E-commerce Modules Overview

Welcome to our comprehensive e-commerce education program designed to empower women entrepreneurs in the world of online business. Our e-commerce modules cover a wide range of topics, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Introduction to Ecommerce


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Introduction to E-commerce
Main terminology and definitions

Gain a solid foundation in the world of e-commerce. This module introduces you to key terminology and definitions, helping you understand the unique language and concepts of online business. Whether you're new to e-commerce or looking to refresh your knowledge, this is where your journey begins.


Financial Management
Budgeting (financial planning)
E-commerce Security
Online Payments

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Financial Management

Dive into the financial aspects of e-commerce. Learn to plan your finances effectively with budgeting and financial planning. Explore the critical components of e-commerce security and the intricacies of online payments to ensure the financial stability of your business.


Operational Management
Stock Control

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Operational Management

Operations are the backbone of e-commerce. In this module, you'll explore various aspects of operational management, including manufacturing, shipping, logistics, stock control, and shopping processes. You'll discover how to streamline your operations for efficiency and success.


Legal Setup
National legal set up
European Setup

Legal Setup

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Navigating the legal landscape is vital for e-commerce success. This module delves into two crucial aspects: national and European legal setups. You'll learn about the legal requirements and regulations that apply to e-commerce, ensuring you operate within the boundaries of the law.


Digital Skills
Introduction and training of specific digital skills
Basics of ITC
Digital Marketing
Online platforms

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Digital Skills

Embrace the digital world with confidence. This module covers a range of digital skills, from understanding the basics of information and communication technology (ICT) to digital marketing strategies and the effective use of online platforms. Elevate your digital skills to thrive in the online business arena.


Soft Skills
Self developments 
Stress Management
Numeracy and Math skills

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Soft Skills

Success in e-commerce isn't just about technical knowledge; it's also about your soft skills. This newly added module focuses on essential skills like teamwork, effective communication, self-development, stress management, and numeracy and math skills. Strengthening these skills will empower you to excel in e-commerce and beyond.

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